About TAGA

TAGA is an African Girl Child leader within a worldwide movement dedicated to empowering Girl Child and making sure that life is better for them.

Our mission

A world in which every girl child attains the right to achieve her dream, survival, protection and development.

Our Vision

TAGA works around Africa to save girls lives, defeat poverty, restore hope and human  dignity of a girl child into a great woman.

History of Trust A girl Africa (TAGA)

TAGA is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that was started in 2016 as an idea from a young Ugandan Boy from Okol Village Northern Uganda named Olanya Boniface who lost all his parents to cancer and he was left with so many children to take care of with support from his grandmother.  After being given a future through education sponsorship by his American friend, he had to look through his life, family, village and the Nation of Africa at large.

The initial idea started when he discovered that his late father left so many children others without his knowledge and most of which were girls. On December 2018 he decided to gather all the children for his late father and they had a get together where many children met for the first time in real life.

Out of all the newly discovered children,  one Girl ‘’Juliet ‘’ a 12 year primary school out of the millions of African girls made him come up with the idea of supporting  girl child through starting an NGO that would make girl child very  important in the community, nation, Africa and the world at large.

"If we educate a boy, we educate one person. If we educate a girl, we educate a family and a whole nation.” By sending a girl to school, she is far more likely to ensure that her children also receive an education. As many claim, investing in a girl’s education is investing in a nation".
Ben Boniface Olanya

Current Projects and Activities

Taga Launches its Rotary Skilling Project

TAGA would like to appreciate all the stakeholders who made this project (Taga Rotary skilling project) launch on the 29th August 2020 a success.

 This project encompasses tailoring and garment cutting, reusable Sanitary Pads booking making. 

Taga in a special way would like to thank the following people for their incredible efforts and resources in making this  a dream come true:

1. Maureen Brotherton and the entire Seattle Rotary team

2. Becky fee

3. Bob and Cathy Herold and their Rotary Club

4. Sarah Weaver

5. Angela Fee and Family

6. Ginny Trethewey and Family.


Acen phiona a 17 year old child mother who is a beneficiary of the Taga rotary skilling project

She told the congregation during the launch that she wants to use this opportunity to build a better life and support her baby

Mercy a 15 year old who was forced into marriage several times by her parents but was rescued by the Taga early girl child advocacy team now benefits from the Taga rotary tailoring project


In-conjunction with the Rotary Club of Lira Metropolitan, Trust A Girl Africa has organized a donation of personal protective equipment to all the districts within Lango sub region. This initiative is aimed at fighting covid-19 within the region and its according to the cry of most of the district covid-19 task force who have  shortages and crisis of PPES within the covid-19 treatment centers

We ask you to join in this activity and participate  at your own capacity through donating

Our Current projects And Activities

Skilling a girl child in 

  • tailoring and garment cutting
  • book making and binding
  • re-usable sanitary pads making

Tenage pregnancy and early marriage eradication through advocacy and sensitization in all media plat forms and community outreaches

Enviroment  conservation activity with currently over 2 million tree seedling species

Support to child mothers