Girl Child Skilling Program

Some of our beneficaries make their testimonies

Acen Fiona

I am a child mother who dropped out of school and the father to my child failed to take responsibility leaving me in a needy situation until when Trust A Girl Africa gave me hope by skilling me in tailoring and garment cutting through the Rotary Skilling Project.
I can now afford to cater for my daily needs and in just three month after the training. I have also invested in piggery farming that i hope will supplement my income.

Acen sandra

I am extremely excited and would like to appreciate trust a girl Africa upon their support to my life.
I now have my own money and able to support our family and meet my basic needs, i pledge to work hard through the skills and the tailoring machine i was given to bring great change to my family and the community.

Akello Topista

I live with my single mother and went through my primary education that i completed but could not continue to secondary due to her low income. i had to stay home and life got more unbearable with men coming to ask for my hand in marriage at my young age. I thank trust a girl Africa for coming on time to rescue me and enrolled me to their tailoring training project. I can now support my poor mother and fend for my household.

Alyek Issabella

leaving in a family of Eight and being the fifth in the family, there was nothing much my mother whose husband had abandoned for other women could do for me and my siblings' education. Life was really very hard but now with the training i have got in tailoring and fashion design; i can now meet all my needs and able to support my family, meet their medical bills and live an influential life in the community.

TAGA has continued to support girl child education through providing quality basic education to the vulnerable girls in Africa by identifying them and meeting their tuition, basics and medical support till they achieve their dreams.

Educating a girl child is very important but it is sad that some communities isolate girls so we need to support a girl because;

  1. Future educated generations

An African proverb says if we educate a boy we educate one person but if we educated a girl we educate a family and the whole nation. By sending a girl to school it’s far more likely to ensure that her children also receive the same education. As many claims, investing in a girls education is investing in a nation.

  1. Decrease infant mortality.

Children of educated women are less likely to die before their first birthday. Girls who receive an education are less likely to contract HIV/AIDS, and thus less likely to pass on to the children. Primary education alone helps reduce infant mortality significantly, and secondary education helps even more.

  1. Decrease child marriage.

Child marriage is where girls as young as age 8-16 years of age involves into marriage and almost always results to ending of a girls schooling. The results are barely illiterate or literate young mothers to build healthy educated families.

  1. Increase involvement in political process.

Educated women are more likely to participate in political discussions, meetings and decision making which in turn promote a more representative, effective government which is not the case with Africa because few girls go to school and the rate of political representation is so low.

  1. Decrease domestic and sexual violence

Educated girls and women are less likely to be victim of domestic and sexual violence or tolerate it in their families because they understand the laws of their countries and no man can abuse their rights.

  1. Improve social economic growth

Educated women have a greater chance on escaping poverty living healthier and more productive lives and raising the standard of leaving for their children, families and communities.