Girl Child Rights Protection

TAGA works round the clock to see that every girl child attains rights to protection and development and it looks at the rights;

  1. Right to life

Girls right to life is not respected as much as boys because more boys born have been intentionally carried to full term and girls frequently die before the age of five. The fact that men are considered more important in the social hierarchy means that many couples choose to terminate a pregnancy if the child would have been girl.

Likewise in poor regions of Uganda where it is not possible to find out the sex of a child before he or she is born, new born babies are killed when a child of the opposite sex was wanted. This practice is known as infanticide and mainly affects girls (female infanticide)

  1. Right to education

About 96 million girls are currently illiterate compared to 57 million boys in  Africa. This is because in some countries and regions attending school is not considered a priority for girls. In such places girls are expected to spend their time on household’s task or helping their mothers care for younger siblings.

  1. Right to protection

Girls all over the world are victims of early marriage, unwanted pregnancies, trafficking and sexual harassment. In fact 50% of sexual assault in the world is committed against girls less than 16 years old.

Furthermore it’s important to highlight that domestic violence which in most considered a private matter is most often suffered by the girls and women of the family.